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Who’s Who of Angels

angelArchangel Gabriel, is described as having 140 pairs of wings!
According to the Jewish faith, each child has 11,000 guardian angels at birth.
Archangel Michael is considered the greatest of angels, a hero who defeated Satan.
Michael takes souls to the other world.
Archangel Raphael is the angel of healing who is the friendliest and merriest of all the angels.
Archangel Uriel is the angel of repentance and the angel who warned Noah of the flood.
Lucifer is Satan, once the mightiest Seraphim, now the fallen angel, the Devil.

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Guardian Angels

from All About Spirituality

guardianangelGuardian Angels – Celestial Servants
One of the most treasured beliefs held by many people is that each person has an appointed “guardian angel” to watch over them. Although the Bible never uses the term “guardian angel,” there are examples of angels being assigned to protect human beings (Acts 12:6–10). Angels are celestial messengers that move at the speed of light to carry out God’s will (Psalm 103:20–21). In times of peril, “guardian” angels are God’s servants sent to rescue us (2 Kings 6:13–17). They involve themselves in political affairs of nations as well as the smallest concerns of children (Isaiah 37:33–36; Matthew 18:10).

The most significant characteristic of angels, is not their supernatural power or their magnificent beauty. Angels, specifically guardian angels, are compelled to work on our behalf. They are anxious to hear and carry out God’s Word. Their inexhaustible love for God motivates them to protect and guard what is most precious to Him, His children. Continue reading Guardian Angels

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Why Haven’t the Angels Answered My Prayers?

by Eileen Smith

prayerOne of the most common questions I receive is about angels answering our prayers. 8 out of the 10 emails I receive ask the question “Are they listening to me? Have I done something wrong? Why are my prayers not answered?”

Many people are under the false misconception that we need to do or say the correct words or do a ritual to have prayers answered, and if they are not, the angels are disapproving of them in some way, or worse, that they are forgotten and alone, that the angels have left them.

Neither of which holds any truth in the angelic realm.

Recent information and media suggest a sort of “recipe” for prayers, and manifesting desires. While a positive attitude and maintaining positive words is very important and certainly beneficial, the idea that saying something a certain way will bring you exactly what you want, and when you want it, is a confusing concept to many of my clients. When it doesn’t happen, they think they did it wrong or there is something wrong with them and the Universe and the angels disapprove of them. The honest truth is, angels are not short order cooks. Continue reading Why Haven’t the Angels Answered My Prayers?

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Why On Earth Am I Here?

by Carol Powel Smith

why-am-i-hereHow often do you ask yourself “What’s it all about?” “What’s my purpose?” “Where am I going?” Like most people, many times I would imagine.

In reality we won’t know the answer to that question while we are alive. We can speculate and guess and make educated hypotheses. We can also learn to listen to our inner voice, telling us that something just feels right.

Why on Earth?

For some, being on Earth is to wake up in the morning, “do your thing” during the day and go to bed at night, then repeat it all the next day; with no in-depth meaning of what life is about. For others, being on Earth is about experiencing life, being glad you are alive and looking forward to the next day because it has meaning for you.

There will always be extremists who believe in one extreme or another. Continue reading Why On Earth Am I Here?

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The Archangel Ramiel

The_Archangel_RamielAs mentioned in the Book of Enoch, the archangel Ramiel is the sixth leader and a Watcher or Grigori. The name Ramiel translates into English to mean Thunder of God, or God’s Thunder, as the word itself is a combination of the words ra’am and God. Ramiel is quite often mixed up with Azazel who is also called Rameel, a word that means arrogant towards God, or the evening of God. Though do keep in mind that Ramiel and Rameel are two totally separate angels. Within the Christian and Islamic faiths, Ramiel is recognized as an official archangel, where he is often referred to as the mercy of God, or the eternal compassion of God. You’ll notice that both the Christian and Islamic faiths don’t consider Ramiel to be the thunder of God, so in that sense they deviate away from the Book of Enoch and it’s description of Ramiel. I should also quickly point out that the Book of Enoch isn’t considered to be canonical scripture by most Christians.
Within the Book of IV Esdras, the holy archangel Ramiel is considered to be an angel of hope. It is also stated within this set of scripture that Ramiel has two tasks assigned to him by God, which are that he is the bearer of all divine visions, and that he is one of several angelic guides of the afterlife, escorting the souls of the faithful into heaven after they’ve left their earthly vessels. What any reader of the Book of IV Esdras should be made aware of, is that in some translations Ramiel is referred to as either Jeremiel or Uriel, a somewhat confusing issue. In the scriptural passages where the name mix up occurs, it states that either Jeremiel or Uriel are the archangel who presides over the recently departed, however clearly the passage is referring to Ramiel. It goes on to claim that Ramiel is the first angel to arrive once someone has died, and that he patiently stands guard by their fallen bodies until their soul rises, and is ready to head into the afterlife.

Continue reading The Archangel Ramiel

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Creating Miracles!

create-miraclesWe live in a world that seems to reflect the belief that nothing is miraculous anymore. Certainly we have so much modern technology and wonderful scientific information that it could be said that perhaps, we have “explained away” everything that could be a miracle. What used to mystify us is now mundane to us. We know some of the secrets of how our bodies function.

We can look at the smallest living creature and figure out how they work as well. We have named the smallest molecule we know of and can make them collide and harness that energy. Yes, everything has an explanation it seems. We’ve seen it all. We have all the answers.

Yet the questions that remain seem to be:

Can we find the miracles that are happening everyday?

Can we see the miracles that we are creating as we live our lives?

Can we see the miracles that others are creating for themselves and for us as we live life together?

Continue reading Creating Miracles!

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3 Powerful Steps that WILL Fill Your Life with Miracles


miraclesDo you (or anyone you know) need your own miracle right now in any area of your life? Or do you feel like you could actually use several miracles now in many different areas?

What is a miracle?

The word “miracle” comes from a Latin word meaning “something wonderful.”
Wikipedia defines a “miracle” as a “striking interposition of divine intervention by a god in the universe by which the ordinary course and operation of nature is overruled, suspended, or modified.” In other words, we get “hooked up” in some really cool way by the “Big G” (God). 


For most people however, a miracle can also be something that is unlikely but really good and beneficial or it can be virtually anything else that is seen and regarded as “wonderful.” For example, to many, winning the lottery is a miracle.

Continue reading 3 Powerful Steps that WILL Fill Your Life with Miracles

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The Angels Of Love

by BDevine

angelofloveIn this article we will learn about some very different Angels, that you may or may not of heard of yet. These Angels are dedicated to the area of love & relationships, and even though names do not matter to the Angels, I wanted to share their traditional names, colour’s , gemstones, and ways in which you might like too connect with them and have them help you in your relationships-whether its too reconnect with an old lover, heal an existing relationship, draw a lover closer too you or just when you are looking for the perfect “Twin Flame” for yourself, there is an Angel to call on.

Some people think that they will call on the wrong Angel or make a mistake somehow, but this is not something to worry about, as I have said before, its your “Intention” that counts.By this I mean that if you are asking for help, in whatever way you can or want to, then the Angels will respond. So We will begin in Alphabetical order, & I really hope that you will get some enjoyment out of this & even try some of the exercises, to connect to the “Angels Of Love!” Continue reading The Angels Of Love