Purchasing and Shipping

I Have A Question On My Order Or In General That’s Not Answered Here… How Can I Get Help?

Please email us at admin@mysticwayfarer.com and we’ll respond as soon as we can.

I Placed An Order But I Didn’t Receive A Confirmation Email … What’s Going On?

Please make sure your email is correct when you place an order. Kindly check your SPAM folder to see if your confirmation email was sent there.

I Ordered More Than One Item, and Only Received One Or Part Of The Package. Why Is That?

We currently have multiple fulfillment centers, so all of our items do not ship from the same place. If you only receive part of your bundle, hang tight, the rest are on the way.

Can I Sign Up To Receive A Newsletter from Mystic Wayfarer?

Yes. Scroll down to the bottom of any Page on the website and fill in the simple form located there.

You will receive a follow-up e-mail to verify your subscription.

Right To Charge

Mystic Wayfarer reserves the right to charge customers for shipping and or a restocking fee if:

1.The customer provides an incorrect address when checking out.

2.If the customer denies to accept the shipment from the carrier.

What Is Your Handling Fee?

Mystic Wayfarer does add a small handling fee within the shipping costs when being calculated.

This is how handling fees are calculated.
Handling fee for domestic sales- Carrier Charge x 1.2% + $1.00
Handling Fee For International Orders Carrier Charge x 1.25% + $1.50

How Does Mystic Wayfarer Calculate Shipping Costs?

All shipping charges are calculated in real time at the time of checkout based on the carrier rates, the weight of each product and the address in which you items are being shipped to.  The carrier sets all shipping charges themselves.

Mystic Wayfarer does add a small Handling Fee to the carrier’s shipping rates, to help cover warehousing and staffing expenses.

How Will My Purchase Show Up On My Credit Card Or Bank Account?

Your order will show up as Mystic Wayfarer on your statement. There will be no reference, symbols, verbiage, or representation of your purchase on the statement.

Is Mystic Wayfarer Packaging Discreet?

YES! Your package will NEVER show any type of reference, symbols, verbiage, or representation of what is inside your package, or what you have ordered with Mystic Wayfarer. We respect our customer’s privacy and at no time would a customer have to worry about their privacy being breached.

When Will My Item(s) Ship To Me?

Mystic Wayfarer processes all orders the same day that they are received. Every effort is made to ensure your item(s) are processed, packaged and shipped out to you as fast as possible. In most cases items will be delivered within 1-3 weeks.

After Checking Out, Do I Receive Confirmation Of My Purchase?

Yes. Our system automatically will send you a receipt by e-mail, confirming your order. It will include an order reference # and a synopsis of what you purchased as well as the costs.

How Do I Make A Purchase At Mystic Wayafrer?

It is very simple. Choose products you wish to purchase by adding them to your cart, and when you are ready to checkout, click the cart button at the top of the page and checkout from there.

Does Mystic Wayfarer Ship Products To International Customers?

Yes. Mystic Wayfarer DOES ship internationally.

What Types Of Payments Does Mystic Wayfarer Accept?

Mystic Wayfarer accepts Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover and checkout through Paypal.