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Guardian Angels

from the Gale Encyclopedia

imagesAn old tradition says that guardian angels are appointed to children at the time of their birth. The seventeenth-century mystic Amos Komensky (1592–1670) declared that each child has an angel “given to him by God and ordained to be his guardian, that [the angel] might guard him, preserve him, and protect him against all dangers and snares, pits, ambushes, traps, and temptations.”

Those men and women who claim to have seen their guardian angels generally describe them as appearing youthful, commanding, beautiful of countenance, and often majestic and awesome. Manifestations of light often accompany them, which lend to the grandeur of their appearance and the feelings of profound reverence that suffuse those who encounter angelic beings.

Not all angels appear as blond, blue-eyed entities in flowing white robes. Angels are thought to have the ability to appear in a variety of forms and with a wide range of physical characteristics. They seem completely capable of shaping reality in the three-dimensional world to suit their heavenly purposes. In certain cases, they may even reveal themselves as beings of pure light. Continue reading Guardian Angels

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Guardian Angels

from All About Spirituality

guardianangelGuardian Angels – Celestial Servants
One of the most treasured beliefs held by many people is that each person has an appointed “guardian angel” to watch over them. Although the Bible never uses the term “guardian angel,” there are examples of angels being assigned to protect human beings (Acts 12:6–10). Angels are celestial messengers that move at the speed of light to carry out God’s will (Psalm 103:20–21). In times of peril, “guardian” angels are God’s servants sent to rescue us (2 Kings 6:13–17). They involve themselves in political affairs of nations as well as the smallest concerns of children (Isaiah 37:33–36; Matthew 18:10).

The most significant characteristic of angels, is not their supernatural power or their magnificent beauty. Angels, specifically guardian angels, are compelled to work on our behalf. They are anxious to hear and carry out God’s Word. Their inexhaustible love for God motivates them to protect and guard what is most precious to Him, His children. Continue reading Guardian Angels

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Why Haven’t the Angels Answered My Prayers?

by Eileen Smith

prayerOne of the most common questions I receive is about angels answering our prayers. 8 out of the 10 emails I receive ask the question “Are they listening to me? Have I done something wrong? Why are my prayers not answered?”

Many people are under the false misconception that we need to do or say the correct words or do a ritual to have prayers answered, and if they are not, the angels are disapproving of them in some way, or worse, that they are forgotten and alone, that the angels have left them.

Neither of which holds any truth in the angelic realm.

Recent information and media suggest a sort of “recipe” for prayers, and manifesting desires. While a positive attitude and maintaining positive words is very important and certainly beneficial, the idea that saying something a certain way will bring you exactly what you want, and when you want it, is a confusing concept to many of my clients. When it doesn’t happen, they think they did it wrong or there is something wrong with them and the Universe and the angels disapprove of them. The honest truth is, angels are not short order cooks. Continue reading Why Haven’t the Angels Answered My Prayers?

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The Archangel Ramiel

The_Archangel_RamielAs mentioned in the Book of Enoch, the archangel Ramiel is the sixth leader and a Watcher or Grigori. The name Ramiel translates into English to mean Thunder of God, or God’s Thunder, as the word itself is a combination of the words ra’am and God. Ramiel is quite often mixed up with Azazel who is also called Rameel, a word that means arrogant towards God, or the evening of God. Though do keep in mind that Ramiel and Rameel are two totally separate angels. Within the Christian and Islamic faiths, Ramiel is recognized as an official archangel, where he is often referred to as the mercy of God, or the eternal compassion of God. You’ll notice that both the Christian and Islamic faiths don’t consider Ramiel to be the thunder of God, so in that sense they deviate away from the Book of Enoch and it’s description of Ramiel. I should also quickly point out that the Book of Enoch isn’t considered to be canonical scripture by most Christians.
Within the Book of IV Esdras, the holy archangel Ramiel is considered to be an angel of hope. It is also stated within this set of scripture that Ramiel has two tasks assigned to him by God, which are that he is the bearer of all divine visions, and that he is one of several angelic guides of the afterlife, escorting the souls of the faithful into heaven after they’ve left their earthly vessels. What any reader of the Book of IV Esdras should be made aware of, is that in some translations Ramiel is referred to as either Jeremiel or Uriel, a somewhat confusing issue. In the scriptural passages where the name mix up occurs, it states that either Jeremiel or Uriel are the archangel who presides over the recently departed, however clearly the passage is referring to Ramiel. It goes on to claim that Ramiel is the first angel to arrive once someone has died, and that he patiently stands guard by their fallen bodies until their soul rises, and is ready to head into the afterlife.

Continue reading The Archangel Ramiel

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The Angelic Kingdom

by Lawrence Wilson


My information at this time is yes.  They are spoken of in the Hebrew and Christian Bible, in the Queran, in the Hindu scriptures, and in other religious texts.  According to these books, angels are common, number in the trillions or more, and are very powerful and wonderful beings.


Definition.  Angels are more advanced souls who have developed certain abilities.  These include the ability to change their shape or form, the ability to communicate with human beings easily, in their own languages, and the ability to move objects, stop accidents, and do other things in the physical world.

Angels are considered part of the Holy Spirit or the Holy Ghost in the Catholic religion.  That is, they are messengers from God who can communicate with the higher realms easily, and then relay the messages to us.


Many people claim to have seen, or been visited or touched in some way by angels.  Many books exist about angels, and many paintings and sculptures depict angels throughout the world, in all cultures and on all continents. Continue reading The Angelic Kingdom

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Your Guardian Angels and the Law of Attraction

from Keen

guardian-angelIf you listen to yourself, you will know right from wrong and come close to comprehending your full potential. When you tell the universe what you want and your behavior lets the world know who you are, your guardian angels run the errands across space and time to make the energy of the universe work for you.

Did you know you have guardian angels? Everyone does. When you are immersed in an ideology, group identity or antisocial clique your guardian angels stay away. In the moments when you do have a vision but don’t have a belief system, your guardian angels take the positive energy you create and from it create the chances, the coincidences and the opportunities that define success.

Your guardian angels have to literally merge with your energy to see into your deepest potential. Dissonant energy is like a force field that keeps your guardian angels away – any time you are carrying too much internal anger or resentment is occupying your heart, your guardian angels are repelled. But in the moments that you find peace and build a lasting peaceful existence, your guardian angels do not waste a millisecond getting to work on your behalf, accepting the energy you put out into the universe and building positive energy flows right back to you. Continue reading Your Guardian Angels and the Law of Attraction

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How to be sure your dreams really will manifest.

by Angelic Guides

Manifesting-Your-DreamsToday we would like to focus your attention upon the topic of desires and dreams. We have said many times before that the Universe does not respond to wishes, nor does it respond to hopes, it responds to expectation, to focus, or more appropriately said, the Universe always responds to vibration. Each of you are vibrational beings, the reality which you exist within is made up of all sorts of vibrations. It’s what offers you the opportunity to explore duality in its fullest manifested form. Each and every one of you have dreams and desires which have not yet manifested into physical form and a question we get so very often is how can I be sure my dreams will really manifest. So this is what we would like to further elaborate upon to help clarify how manifestation actually happens.

All manifestations are created exactly the same way, whether it is wanted or unwanted makes no difference, everything is manifested using the same exact principals and laws. Every single dream that you have, every desire that you have has the full potential of manifesting here in the physical reality. No dream is too big, and no desire is unattainable. Continue reading How to be sure your dreams really will manifest.

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Enochian: The Mysterious Lost Language of Angels

by Bryan Hilliard

angelic-languageIn the year 1581, occultists John Dee and Edward Kelley, claimed to have received communications from angels, who provided them with the foundations of a language with which to communicate with ‘the other side’.  This ‘angelic’ language contained its own alphabet, grammar and syntax, which they wrote down in journals.  The new language was called “Enochian” and comes from John Dee’s assertion that the Biblical Patriarch Enoch had been the last human to know the language.

Dr. John Dee, 1527-1609, was an occultist, mathematician, astronomer and astrologer who lived in Mort Lake, West London for most of his life.  An educated man who studied at St. John’s College in Cambridge, was eventually accepted into influential circles of the ruling elite and acted as scientific advisor and confidant to Queen Elizabeth I.  He is associated with coining the phrase ‘British Empire’.  During the early part of his life, Dee had little interest in the supernatural.  Later on, he became disillusioned with science and began experimenting with the occult.  Dee was looking to discover lost spiritual knowledge and recover the wisdom he believed was hidden in books of antiquity.  Among these books was the then-fabled Book of Enoch, which he conceived as being a book describing the magic system used by the Patriarch in the Bible. Continue reading Enochian: The Mysterious Lost Language of Angels