Angel Card Reading

We are experimenting with a new Angel Card Reading software. Let us know what you think!

Instructions for Free Online Card Reading :

· Hover your cursor over the card deck below. It will begin to shuffle the deck. Think of your question as it shuffles.

· Click on the deck when you are ready. This will give you your first card.

· Continue to select 10 cards (needed for the Celtic Cross layout) in the same manner, shuffling for as long as you like between cards.

· Once you have selected 10 cards you will be shown the completed reading layout. Click on each card individually to get your reading.




17 thoughts on “Angel Card Reading

  1. Nothing happened when I clicked on the image

    1. Should be working Avia. I just testing it again and it works fine.

      Try clicking here

  2. wow ! this had all the answers for me and i thank you so much
    i feel more assured as to where i am going and the path i am making will be the right one lol my worries will be settled now just need faith and patience i will get there and yes i have some changes going on in my life this helped thank you

  3. I cant see either

    1. Check to see if you have your Java on Ruth. You need it for the software to work.

  4. Thank you very much for this reading. I learned alot about myself and my journey. Many Blessings, Kim Scott

  5. Well it wont wirk on cellphone I’ll have to try from computer

  6. Sort of unsettling as so many things hit too close to home for me. My 20 year old niece was murdered in October of 2012 and my mom died 8 months later. My dad is suffering with Alzhimers and there has been a lot of turmoil but I do feel reassured for the future.

    1. Wow you have been through so much. I pray that armies of angels will be with you and all those you love in 2014 and always. Stay Strong. Be Brave.

  7. I wish we could email our readings to ourself for future reminders! Loved it!

  8. great free reading, more power.

  9. my reading was amaisingly revealing !!… Loved it, very accurate

  10. thank you for this reading.

    1. You’re very welcome Chris.

  11. tried to do a reading and the cards didn’t show image would like to know the reading spread as I wrote it down

    1. Checking into it Nadia will let you know. I tested it and had the same problem.


  12. Hi Marilyn. Sorry to hear that. Should be working on all browsers and mobile.

    It’s new software and we are looking into it.

    Thanks for letting us know.

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