About Us

wayfarer2Welcome to Mystic Wayfarer!

The Mystic Wayfarer website is dedicated to those individuals who are actively seeking a greater understanding of all things metaphysical. If you are looking for the truth behind all things New Age, Spiritual and Mystical then this is your site.

This site serves as an oasis of non-judgment for everyone who has begun there search for Metaphysical truth.

The legend of the Mystical Wayfarer originated on the Bruce Trail in Southern Ontario, Canada with many hikers reporting an unknown healer who regularly traveled the trails.  The healer is said to have incredible abilities but is never seen without full masking and hood. No one knows exactly who the Wayfarer is or if the stories are true. In fact there are now so many different versions of the tale that we are not even certain if the healer is male or female. The Wayfarer character is now featured in the Book Series “The Angel Scroll” by Author Kevin O. Hunking.

You will find many “Secrets” (for lack of a better word) within our pages and we have tried to make them simple to understand. Don’t, however, allow their simplicity to deceive you.

Begin! Explore! Enjoy!